What can CHEW do for you?
What can CHEW do for you?

We may be the office you never knew you knew! The Center for viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy Education and Wellness can be seen all over JHU's campus through our student groups, events, campaigns, and free giveaways. Maybe you just never realized who was behind the messages. We are the health promotion arm of the Student Health and Wellness Center (no, we are not the same office contrary to popular belief). Our mission is to provide health education programming and health promotion to the student population to foster a healthier JHU community. How do we do this? By offering a variety of programs and opportunities that support and affirm student health and wellness through the delivery of fun and interactive programming and outreach. If this isn't sounding familiar to you, perhaps you'll recognize one of these:

PEEPs Peer Health Educators: PEEPs (Preventative Education & Empowerment for Peers) are part of a peer health education program designed to provide a setting in which students can discuss and explore health issues. PEEPS are trained to present health information on a variety of topics such as men’s/women’s health, sexual health, nutrition, stress management, and alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

Stressbusters: Stressbusters provide free five minute back-rubs to other students and staff at events or meetings to promote relaxation. You can become a stressbuster: the requirements are stress free and the training is for life!

Hopkins Kicks Butts: HKB is JHU's Anti-Tobacco Coalition. They are dedicated to raising awareness about the harm and dangers of tobacco use. Through tabling, campaigns, policy change, and outreach, HKB works to make Homewood a healthier, smoke-free environment.

SEE for Yourself on Monday: The SEE Campaign (Sleep, Eat, Exercise) is all about helping JHU students maintain a healthy balance of rest, exercise, and nutritious eating that can have a positive influence on performance. The SEE for Yourself campaign challenges every student to take time out once each week to balance their lives and improve their health!

Stop@Buzzed: The Stop@Buzzed Campaign is an alcohol awareness message that asks students who choose to drink, to drink responsibly. By staying within a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .02 to .06, you can feel all the euphoric 'buzzed' effects of alcohol without the negative and unhealthy consequences. So if you do drink, choose to Stop@Buzzed!

Condom Sense: Condom Sense is a program that allows students to purchase brand name condoms for a fraction of the price! For just $4/pack of 12, students can receive Trojan, Durex, or Variety packs. To order, simply visit this site!

Want to learn more? Visit our blog regularly for updates on upcoming promotions, current events, notes from our student leaders, and tips to keep you healthy and well.

So until next time, CHEW on this!

The Daily Douche - Craig Sager

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PS - Yo Fez, is that you bro?



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Kehamilan atau menyusui


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Men's Health: Kettlebell Swing
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Swing Away Fat.

Here is a cardio option that can help you drop excess weight-and avoid the treadmill. Kettlebell Swings are great for your heart, according to researchers at Truman State University. In their study, Kettlebell exercises improved maximum oxygen uptake ( a measure of cardio-respiratory fitness). "Preforming Kettlebell Swings can provide a greater aerobic challenge than traditional circuit weight training," says study author Alex Koch Ph.D. Best of all. The program is fast. Use a 16-kilogram Kettlebell (or 35-pound dumbbell) and complete as many Swings as you can in 12 minutes, resting as needed.

-Men's Health, December 2009

Testimonials of people using ageLOC VITALITY.

"I am a professor of medicine currently lecturing. Here is what I have experienced.

DAY 1 - My first day on vitality was Thurs..... nothing happened.... thinking I'll give it a few days for the benefit of the doubt.... prob BS tho! (skeptical science brain)

DAY 2 (fri) again nothing..... what a hoax... biggest mass market placebo known to mankind..... def Bull S%$# !!

DAY 3 (y'day) Holllleeeeeeeeeee s%$#. Who turned on the genes???? What the frig happened over night? I wake up this morning and feel like running a marathon.. in all my 28 years in medicine and science I've never known or experienced anything like this...!!!" t
Dr. Andy Stuart, BPhEd, BEd, BSc, MSc,PhD
Auckland, New Zealand

"I wanted to share one more thing about this morning that I thought was incredible. I just got race results for a 5k that I ran this morning. (3.2 miles). The last 5k I ran was about 29 minutes race time. That's about average, I ran hard. 9 - 11 minute miles are my thing, I'm not a big runner.

This morning I finished 16th overall, my time was 23:47, I ran 7:40 miles! Let me say that again...I ran 7 minute miles!?!? That's unbelievable for me! When I was in my young 20's I wasn't this fast.

My brother trains for Triathlons and he asked me if I've been doing speed training drills...
I said, NO! I'm not even training, I walk and use an elliptical machine. I added Vitality to my supplements.

The only thing I can attribute to this is Vitality. The only reason I even ran this particular race was out of respect for Fallen Officers and Ashley's entire family are officers from SWAT to Forensics so it was a family event. We ALL dropped one in our drawers today!"

Jason Tropf
Tampa, Florida USA

"Gidday Jeff, I know your probably getting plenty of these e-mails. But just in case, I wanted to share what's been happening for us.

First I noticed with Clare, was how calm she was at airport when flying back from Sydney Monday night.. And that was day 2.. Flying with a 6 month old baby is never easy..
Then as this week has progressed for me it is 4 big things.. Sleep, Energy, food and coffee intake.
I am sleeping like a baby and wake full of energy. Normally I am still asleep when Clare goes to work 7am. Not this week, up and enjoying the early mornings.
Next is coffee. I normally have 4-5 cups a day. Today I had one with breakfast and that's it. Brilliant.
Lastly no cravings for snacks. Just 3 meals a day and all is good.

And Clare is noticing lots as well. But I will let her share in her own time. And loving sharing this with family and friends. My mum (66) and sister today started on Vitality."

Marty Baker, New Zealand Fire Service
Auckland, New Zealand

"I was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago and have experienced various challenges on the left side of my body, eyesight issues, bowel and bladder control issues. Previously, the most successful treatment I have received is live cell treatment in Germany which is also an anti-aging treatment.

A few months ago I was struggling and felt I needed to repeat the live cell treatment but did not go to Germany. I have been taking Vitality for 4 weeks and am experiencing the same positive benefits of the live cell treatment!

I have not had the pain and burning I was experiencing on my left side since the 2nd week of taking Vitality. I have also experienced a sense of calm in previously uncomfortable situations (claustrophobia) and an overall emotionally balanced feeling while sleeping better than I have in years!"

Liz Young
Clearwater, FL

"I have been on Vitality for 3 weeks. The first thing I noticed was that my stamina increased and my vision became very sharp and clear. I have MS, multiple sclerosis, and fatigue can be a very big problem. I have more energy than I have ever had and am able to workout longer and harder with my trainers. They are very impressed with my strength and endurance. The most significant result is in my right leg and right hand. I have not been able to hold with or use my right hand in 7 years and now I am using it more and am actually able to hold objects! My walking has also improved. Overall, I am feeling great."

Becky B.
Toronto, Canada

"In the fall of 2007, I was stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease that attacks your joints. Joints become inflamed and swollen, leaving you helpless and in extreme pain.

I was prescribed Methotrexate and Prednisone. I was up to 7 Methotrexate (it is prescribed to treat some Cancers), each week and 15 mg of Prednisone (is a steroid), per day along with a couple other temporary drugs. Due to the severe side effects, I have to have blood tests done every 6 weeks to check for damage to other organs. My liver soon became a problem on a regular basis. I tried repeatedly to wean myself off the Prednisone and sometimes got down to only 2 mg per day, but the throbbing pain in my joints and stiffness to walk when I first awaken or had been sitting for a long time would return, so I would go back to 5 mg per day to keep the pain away.

So, just before you introduced me to Vitality, I had taken it upon myself to stop the Methotrexate. I seemed to have no adverse reactions from going without. However, knowing how dangerous long term use of the Prednisone was, it does wonders for the pain and did not see myself ever being able to do without it.

I took my normal dose of Prednisone on Friday, October 8th. I received my order of Vitality on that day also and took my first dose (6 first thing in the mornings) on Saturday, October 9th. I felt so energized I actually forgot to take any meds and didn't even eat until that evening. I realized the next day, I had forgotten to take my Prednisone, but I would usually start experiencing the pain within 24 hours of not taking it. So, I felt so fabulous, I thought I would do an experiment and see how long I could go without the Prednisone.

You've probably guessed my now; I have been 10 days without it!!!! Will it last? I don't know yet, but in the last 3 years, I have NEVER been able to go more than 24 hours without it. I did one day do some heavy work and that evening, my wrists were aching, but I took a couple of Ibuprophen before I went to bed and was fine the next morning. This is a medical miracle for me as I never imagined myself ever being able to avoid the pain without it. And with the energy I have now, I can move around a lot more and feel like doing more things. This has resulted in losing 4 lbs, which I desperately need to loose a lot more weight for health reasons.

And setting all that aside, I started the first 5 days, saying how "Good" I feel, but have changed it to how "Young" I feel. I feel like I did before I got RA, before I gained all this weight. Like I have never been sick! Thank you Nu Skin for bringing such a wonderful product to the table and Thank you Martha for sending me that email. I sincerely hope this will be everlasting and become an alternative to the millions of other people with RA."

Carla Morrison

"I would like to share with you my personal experience after using Vitality for 7 days. I'm very happy to report that many other male trial participants have also experienced similar results.

I am 67 years old and have had prostate cancer so many physical areas of my life have been significantly affected over the years. About one year ago, against my doctors advice, I started taking cialis daily and in the beginning the results were excellent. With my doctor's concern about the long term health risks related to this product, I stopped taking it about five months ago. When I was asked to be a trial participant for Vitality I was excited to try it. I was pleasantly surprised that the third day on Vitality I was experiencing results that at least matched what I had experienced with Cialis. The good news is that this is not a prescription drug, has no known health risks and is very affordable.

My doctor tells me that neither Viagra or Cialis work for everyone and different people have different results, so I don't know if Vitality will be this effective for everyone, but for me and others it has given very positive and exciting results!"

Norm Dell
Arizona, USA

"This is now day 8 for me on our new ageLoc Vitality product. I started a day after Norm because our label clearly states to consult your physician if pregnant, lactating or taking a prescription. I fit into the latter category. I have been on 3 prescriptions for 1 ½ years after being diagnosed with heart problems. I called my physician and left a message. I called my pharmacist. He requested the ingredient list so he could research it.

The label ingredients include:
Cordyceps Cs-4 Mushroom Mycelia (cordyceps sinersis (Berk) Sacc.)
Pomegranate (Hunica granatum)
Fruit Extracts, Pharmanex Asian Ginseng Rb 1 (Panax ginseng) Root Extract

My pharmacist called back and said he could see no conflict between the product and my prescriptions. My heart physician called back the next day and expressed no concern and gave me the go ahead.

For anyone on a prescription drug you will realize that over time you often feel your cognitive thinking becoming slower and a bit foggy. It's like looking through a dirty window. On my 3rd day I felt not only more energy but my thinking was clearer, as if I were looking through a squeaky clean window. I have not experienced the usual 4:00 p.m. drowsiness and feel more alert when I get up in the morning. Also, I am more alert in the evening when I used to feel a lull around 8:00pm. The energy I'm feeling is hard to explain because it is not a burst of jittery energy. It is a slow steady refreshing vibrancy."
To your vitality,

Joyce Dell
Arizona, USA

"I am a longtime sufferer of psoriasis and have this on my face, arms, legs and butt. I have tried all of the traditional things prescribed by doctors - vitamin D creams and cortisone creams, tar bath oils and light treatment but nothing has been long-lasting. As soon as you stop, it all comes back. Of course the doctors will tell you that it is genetic and has periods of remission and flare up, once you have it you have it for life.

Witness now what I have found out:

1. Psoriasis is a patch of skin that is aging approx 35 times faster than the surrounding skin, so based on this I started using the Ageloc transformation system on my face. For me, I found this works better and faster than my cortisone cream. I don't get those huge flakes coming off which you get after using cortisone, my face is not raw afterwards and I can go in the sun (Mexican holidays) without fear of becoming a tomato. If I let my patches get bad, it can sting a bit putting on the Ageloc but this is temporary. The effect is lasting so I don't need to use it every day but find it works best if I do. I spoke with my dermatologist about this and he is not opposed as long as it does the trick.

2. I have been using LifePak since 1997, along with various other Pharmanex supplements such as the Marine Omega, Estera, Cortitrol, etc. trying to find my smoking gun (dietary deficiency? Lack of GLA? etc.). Enter Vitality...now a very strange thing happened, part of my experiment was to cease using my cortisone cream on my body - body not liking me here! Started taking Vitality and my body started acting like I was using my cortisone cream, huge flakes coming off my legs and arms. Now, after just two weeks, my body looks like I am using the cortisone cream but without the rawness (thinning of the skin) that goes with that.

Sure, I get all the other benefits of the Vitality product such as biking to work but not arriving winded, actually took 10 minutes off my ride by the end of the first week on Vitality. I also sleep much better - before I was a bit of an insomniac waking up 3-4 times a night.

I'll keep you posted on how this goes but I am very hopeful given this preliminary 2 week result."

Ottawa, Ontario

Ron Kramer onboard for Tablets of the Gods
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Ron Kramer, the Parisian actor from such roles as Ramos Garcia in Jean-Luc Godard's '04 film, Notre Musique and Dzhaffad in the '07 film, Apocalypse Code has recently been brought on board for the order cialis of the Gods filming, currently in progress. With this comes the announcement of his role, the mysterious character Abdul the Arab, who shares Alfred Ebor's obsession for the discovery of the lost "truth of the gods."

More information on Ron and his past work can be viewed here.

More news to come...

Ron Kramer onboard for Tablets of the Gods
See also: cheap cialis | 

Ron Kramer, the Parisian actor from such roles as Ramos Garcia in Jean-Luc Godard's '04 film, Notre Musique and Dzhaffad in the '07 film, Apocalypse Code has recently been brought on board for the cheap cialis of the Gods filming, currently in progress. With this comes the announcement of his role, the mysterious character Abdul the Arab, who shares Alfred Ebor's obsession for the discovery of the lost "truth of the gods."

More information on Ron and his past work can be viewed here.

More news to come...


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